Water Tank, Cornwall

Water Tank, Cornwall

The Owner of this disused concrete water tank on a hilltop location in rural Cornwall is seeking to convert it into a work/live unit.

Two levels of accommodation are proposed. New openings would be created within the existing tank structure to provide access points and good levels of natural daylight and ventilation in the new ground floor workshop and first floor living spaces.

The use of timber cladding and timber screens together with a combination of projecting and flush timber windows and doors creates a contemporary design that breathes life into this redundant structure. The new cladding and screens are used to unify the various elements – the existing tank, the existing external stores and the repositioned shipping container.

The owner is looking to re-use as many of the existing materials and objects to be found on site as possible in the conversion. These include a shipping container, concrete manhole frames, various steel frames, timber and scaffolding.

Current Status: Planning submission early 2015.