Fan House

Fan House

The concept behind the Fan House is to blur the lines between what is landscape and what is building.

Three separate and dynamic rectilinear forms contain the various elements of the house. These fan out within the landscape and create sheltered and private amenity spaces between the built forms. The landscaped areas, in contrast to the house are organic in shape. The built forms frame the views beyond the site.

These architectural forms can be repositioned within the site/ landscape as they are located on rails. The elements are separate at the entrance level but are linked at the lower level (below ground) to create larger, wider living spaces.

A series of awnings project from the built forms and provide additional shelter for the external amenity areas provided off the main living areas.

The materials used for the house are zinc for the roof, aluminium and timber cladding for the walls, stainless steel for the rainwater goods and aluminium framed windows and doors.